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More About Carabiner Clips, Swivels & Quick Links

Designed to connect things together, nothing is more versatile than a carabiner clip or link. From securing heavy marine equipment to snapping on a pet leash, these clips and hooks can be invaluable. We’ve highlighted some important information below about our wholesale carabiner clips, swivels and quick links. If you’re still unsure if an item will work for a specific job, contact us, they’ll be happy to offer suggestions.
Load Limits

While carabiner clips, quick links and swivel-style rigging hardware can be used for a variety of applications, it’s extremely important to check the load limit of the clip or hook to ensure it will work for your intended use. We’ve listed load limits, along with a diagram of exact measurements for each product. Please note that “load limits” may also be referred to as “working load limits” and is sometimes abbreviated as “WLL.” As with all equipment with stated load limits, these strength limits are based on proper use; improper use will decrease strength.
Type 316 Stainless Steel

All but a few of our carabiner wholesale clips/swivels/quick links selection are ss316 stainless steel. While typical stainless steel (ss304) is strong and resistant to corrosion, ss316 is considered “marine grade” due to the addition of molybdenum. This makes the steel extremely durable in high chloride or high moisture environments such as those with ocean water mist or spray.
Quick Links and Snap Hooks

Quick links and snap hooks are simply designed which makes them very versatile. Choose from oval, triangle, pear and square shapes, available in a variety of sizes. Some snap hooks have a smaller eye at one end; this narrow opening creates a more secured area for whatever is threaded through.
Harness Clips

Designed with a gate that creates a larger opening than typical clips so it’s easier to open, especially in cold or wet conditions.
Trigger Snap

This carabiner clip easily opens with one hand, yet is designed so that as the load on the snap increases, the hook will close more tightly.
Swivel Snaps and Hooks

A swivel at one end makes these ideal for use with high movement items as the swivel will help prevent tangling. Our rigging swivels are in Type 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion inside the swiveling parts.
Spring gate snap, spring clip, open end wire level snap

An open design wire forms the gate and a spring mechanism is what creates tension to keep the gate closed. These designs offer a larger opening while remaining lightweight.
Other hardware and supplies

While shopping for wholesale carabiners, don’t forget to check out our other rigging supplies and hardware. Items such as connecting links and shackles can work similar to carabiner/ chain snaps in some applications. We also carry a selection of wire rope as well as wire rope accessories like clips and thimbles.
Bulk carabiner clips

Our selection of carabiners for sale are available only with minimum quantities (see each specific product listing for more information on quantity amount). If you need to order bulk carabiners, please contact with us. We can sometimes offer varieties of carabiners in bulk, depending on the model and number needed.

Carabiner clips wholesale priced doesn’t have to mean low-quality, cheap carabiners.

When you order from YANFEI RIGGING you can rest assured you’ll receive only the highest quality at the best value prices. Whether you’re shopping for just a few carabiners, bulk amounts of snap hooks, or aren’t sure what will best fit your needs, give us a call/email.

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