About Lashing Chains

We supply lashing chains in G10 and G8 quality. The G10 range is the most popular since the capacity of the chain is closer to the capacity of the load binder.

Today the capacity of lashing equipment is the same as the breaking strength in Norway and Sweden. When we use the term “capacity” in the text we are talking about “breaking strength”. All our lashing equipment are marked LC (lashing capacity) as well according to the EN 12195. The LC is half of the breaking strength.
Chain and hooks in G10 quality gives 25% higher capacity compared to earlier when you only had G8. Due to this increase, it is possible to fill the capacity of the load binder 10-13 with 10 mm chain instead of 13 mm.
The most common lengths in 6, 8 and 10 mm chains are standardized and packed 2 in one carton and marked with all data including the bar code. All lashing chains have a tag with Lashing Capacity according to EN 12195.
Other lengths and dimensions can be delivered quickly as we have all components are in stock.

Load binders

YANFEI RIGGING have 4 different sizes of load binders to 6, 8, 10 and 13 mm G100 chains.
Perma load binders are marked with MBS, LC, batch no. and the G10 chain that it is intended to be used with.
PS!Notice that the hooks are delivered with side support as standard. These helps the chain placement and the forces become more evenly distributed. The result is longer life for the chain, higher breaking strength and safer use.

Safety pin

EN 12195 demands a safety assurement on the hooks. Based on this demand we deliver load binders with both types of hooks.

8 mm chains has gained increased capacity The load binder 8 mm marked Perma has a breaking strength of 10 ton while the former versions had a braking strength of 8.6 ton. Now the capacity of the load binder equals the chain and this has been appreciated by the market. Many now use the 8 mm system instead of the 10 mm. Compared to the old G8 system you will get a better price choosing the new 8 mm system and still be close to the same capacity.
When we introduced G10 in Norway in the year 2000, many could use 10 mm chain instead of 13 mm-, or the special 11 mm lashing chain, to take advantage of the capacity of the load binder. The result of this switch was a huge success.
PS! Marking of dimensions The load binders are marked with which chain that should fit with it, not the range 7-10m 10-13 or 13-16 as before. The main reason for this is to avoid misuse, for instance load binder 7-10 with 10 mm chain. The capacity of the lashing equals the lowest of the components. Capacity of 10 mm chain is 15,7 ton and the standard load binder 7-10 has a capacity of 8,6 ton.

These forces are normally measured in Newton. We use KG since the weight of the pallets is measured in KG. It will then be easier for the driver to understand what forces to lash according to (dN≈kg).

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