AS/NZS4344 Indirect Load Binder with Grab Hooks

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AS/NZS4344 Indirect Load Binder with Grab Hooks – Qingdao Yanfei Rigging Supplier


Complies with AS/NZS4344-2001

The INDIRECT load binder is designed to reduce handle “whip” when releasing a tensioned load binder. Indirect load binders reduce whip with a double action release that limits the lever movement.

Loadbinders are forged and tempered with Winged Grab Hooks which allows for maximum lashing capacity.

Winged grab hooks have cradles on both sides of the outer jaws, thus preventing any deformation to the chain during tensioning and allows full 100% lashing capacity of the chain.

Marking: AS/NZS 4344, G70, Size, LC.

Product Chain Size(mm) Lashing Capacity(t)
YFILB06 6mm 2.3t
YFILB7.3-8 7.3-8mm 3t
YFILB10 10mm 6t
YFILB13 13MM 9t



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