CD Series Vertical Lifting Clamps (DSQ model)

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CD Series Vertical Lifting Clamps (DSQ model) – Qingdao Yanfei Rigging Supplier



Use:to firm straight plate lifting.

Load range:0-16 tons

It is manufactured by low-carbon hi-quality alloy steel.

To test one of the rated load and lifting operations alone,or supporting the use of two.

Only hang a steel plate at the same time,and forbid laminated hoist.During the hoist,hung articles are forbidden collision.

At the beginning of hoist,the locking handle must be up to make the spring tense,When the load is cancelled,the locking handle must be down.

After the spring is loosened,the clamp and the steel plate can be separated

Test load is the max.operation load of 2 times.

Don’t overload to use.

Model Biggest Work Load (t/2) Aperture Size(mm) Dead Weight(kg)
CD0.8 0.8 0-15 2
CD1.6 1.6 0-20 7
CD2 2 0-25 8
CD3.2 3.2 0-25 15
CD5 5 0-30 21
CD8 8 0-45 34
CD12 12 0-70 41
CD16 16 50-150 77
CD30 30 80-220 125

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