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DFQ Series Turing Lifter- Qingdao Yanfei Rigging Supplier


Use: Apply for the steel-plate horizontal or vertical hoist and overturn of the section steel.

Load range: 0-10 tons

It is manufactured by low-carbon hi-quality alloy steel.

Rated load caused by 1 tests is regarded as the standard,During the hoist, can use one crane, but during the horizontal hoist,must add the beam.

During the hoist, hung articles are forbidden collision.

Model Biggest Work Load (t/2) Aperture Size(mm) Dead Weight(kg)
DFQ1.5 1.5 0-20 5
DFQ2.5 2.5 0-30 8
DFQ5 5 0-40 17
DFQ10 10 0-60 31

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