Duplex Wire Rope Clamp

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Duplex Wire Rope Clamp – Qingdao Yanfei Rigging Supplier

1.Type: Duplex wire rope clip/clamp

2.Material: steel,stainless steel AISI1304,stainless steel AISI1316

3.Surface: electric galvanized

4.Process: casting

5.Size: 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm

6.Packing: carton or bag


Code聽No. SIZE(mm) L D
DWRC02 2 37 M4
DWRC03 3 40 M4
DWRC04 4 45 M5
DWRC05 5 52 M6
DWRC06 6 60 M6
DWRC08 8 72 M8
DWRC10 10 84 M10


Ideal for 7×19 rope, not recommended for use with plastic coated wire rope.

For a clean and safe fitting we recommend you prepare the wire rope ends to the manufacturers specification.

Check you have the correct size clip to match your stainless steel wire rope. Miss-matching could result in serious injury or damage.

Remove the locking nuts and the fixing plate ready to accept your stainless steel wire.

Duplex Wire Rope Clips/grips

Pass the wire rope through the clip on one side of the screws threads.

Duplex Wire Rope Clips/grips


Simply loop the wire rope to the required size and pass back through the clip on the opposite side of the screw threads.

Duplex Wire Rope Clips/grips.


Holding the wire rope in place – re-place the fixing plate over the screw threads to hold the wire rope securely.

Duplex Wire Rope Clips/grips.


Replace the locking nut bolts using a suitable spanner, making sure you tighten evenly to ensure a solid grip.

Duplex Wire Rope Clips/grips.

Once fitted we recommend you test your wire rope assembly to check a secure fixing – please note that this type of loop is not suitable for lifting.

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