Grade 80 Cargo Alloy lashing chain

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Tensioner Binders, Lashing Lever, Chain Lashing Level, Load Binder聽

YFLL09 9MM 10Ton
YFLL11 11MM 15Ton
YFLL13 13MM 20Ton

Material: carbon steel, alloy steel

Handle: drop forged, casting

Size: 9-13mm

Finish: painted

Alloy Lashing Chain Grade 80 Long Link Alloy Long link cargo lashing chain

Application: Long links chain Grade 80, produced according to Dutch EN 818 standard and suitable for securing and lashing loads.

Material: alloy steel, high tensile..

Marks: Mark sign 8 per chain.

A B C Breaking.聽load
Item聽No. mm mm mm ton
YF8ALC06 6,00 45,00 13,00 5,20
YF8ALC09 9,00 57,00 16,00 10,20
YF8ALC11 11,00 66,00 18,00 15,40
YF8ALC13 13,00 81,00 22,00 21,40


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