YT5000 H-Type wire rope swaging machine

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YT5000 H-Type wire rope swaging machine


1.The body is adopted the prestressed steel-wire-winded technology, making it sturdy and indestructible

2.It adopts high and low pressure pump oil supply system to bring in smooth pressing process, greatly improving the pressing quality and production efficiency

3.It adopts the advanced and reliable extra high pressure seals across the country, wear-resistant as well as high-temperature & high-pressure resistant, leaving long life and good sealing effect.

4.The die is made of high quality die steel and undergoes high temperature, quenching ,tempering and other processes, becoming sturdy and durable.

5.It follows microcomputer intelligent control system to control equipment automatic unloading according to the pressing force required by the wire rope ,making the operation more user-friendly.

6.It takes the triumphal arch design ,not only beautifying but also reducing the floor area.

7.It takes the double-pump and double-motor operation to bring in fast upward and downward speed, becoming more productive.


Items Parameter Unit
Max.capacity 50000 kN
Swage range with one bite 60-140 mm
Multi-bite 160 mm
Max.piston stroke 420 mm
Piston working stroke 370 mm
Oil pressure(High/Low) 63 Mpa
Power 7.5 kw
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2440*1270*4300 mm
Weight 30000 kg

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