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About Lashing Chains

We supply lashing chains in G10 and G8 quality. The G10 range is the most popular since the capacity of the chain is closer to the capacity of the load binder. Today the capacity of lashing equipment is the same as the breaking strength in Norway and Sweden. When we use the term “capacity” in the text we are talking about “breaking strength”. All our lashing equipment are marked LC (lashing capacity) as well according to the EN 12195. The [...]

What is a chain binder?

What is a chain binder? Also called a load binder, chain binders are a device to tighten chain when securing a load for transport. There are two general styles of chain binders – ratchet binder and lever binder. The method of tightening the binder is what differentiates the two. Ratchet Binder Uses a ratcheting action to create tension in the chain.Also called a ratchet load binder or simply a ratchet chain, it consists of two tension hooks on each end and handle.Because [...]

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