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Which are the most commonly grade of stainless steel?

Which are the most commonly grade of stainless steel? Price: SS201<SS304<SS316<SS316L SS304 & SS316 is the most commonly choose. 1.Stainless steel 304(A2). Outdoor or wet environment. Corrosion resistance & Acid resistance 2.Stainless steel 316(A4). Add molybdenum, better than SS304 on corrosion resistant and acid, especially for the ocean. 3.Stainless steel 316L. Better than SS316. MOQ is large. 4.Stainless steel 201. Suitable for use in dry environment, easy to rust with water

Why my stainless steel rigging stick to a magnet?

Controlling Magnetism in Stainless Steel Products Magnetism is sometimes a factor in deciding which fastener to use. If a 100% nonmagnetic stainless steel fastener is required steps can be taken to reduce the amount of cold working done to a part, e.g. thread cutting vs. rolling, as well as possibly annealing the part after all cold working processes. Without a complete annealing treatment of the post cold worked part, it will never have zero magnetism. At times, an additional annealing [...]

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