How to select the right shackle is very important.


The bow shackle is suitable for connection to multiple components, while the chain shackle is most suitable for connection of only two components. If you choose incorrectly, you would end up with serious injuries or damages. Knowing about different types of shackles and their uses will help you choose a suitable one.


Before you use a shackle, you must make sure that:

1.Always factor in the working load limit of a shackle before using it.

2.Make sure to inspect the shackles along with all your rigging gear before each use.

3.Discard shackles with kinking, corrosion, bending, warping, stretching, or any other physical damage.

4.You will also need to replace distorted or fractured pins immediately.

5.Never hammer or force pins into the shackles, even if it’s a permanent attachment. If the pins are getting lose for some reason, replace them right away.


wrote by Sunny Fu.

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