Different Slings Warnings

Worn-out, damaged, or overloaded slings may fail, causing injury or death! Wire Rope Slings Always inspect wire rope slings before use. Never use worn-out or damaged slings. Never overload a wire rope sling. Free slings of all kinks, knots and twists. Do not drop or rest a load on a sling. Balance loads. Avoid tipping loads. Do not immerse in corrosive solutions. Use pads around sharp corners. Do not force or hammer hooks into place. Chain Slings Always inspect chain slings before use. Never use worn-out or damaged slings. Never overload or shock [...]

Which are the most commonly grade of stainless steel?

Which are the most commonly grade of stainless steel? Price: SS201<SS304<SS316<SS316L SS304 & SS316 is the most commonly choose. 1.Stainless steel 304(A2). Outdoor or wet environment. Corrosion resistance & Acid resistance 2.Stainless steel 316(A4). Add molybdenum, better than SS304 on corrosion resistant and acid, especially for the ocean. 3.Stainless steel 316L. Better than SS316. MOQ is large. 4.Stainless steel 201. Suitable for use in dry environment, easy to rust with water

Why my stainless steel rigging stick to a magnet?

Controlling Magnetism in Stainless Steel Products Magnetism is sometimes a factor in deciding which fastener to use. If a 100% nonmagnetic stainless steel fastener is required steps can be taken to reduce the amount of cold working done to a part, e.g. thread cutting vs. rolling, as well as possibly annealing the part after all cold working processes. Without a complete annealing treatment of the post cold worked part, it will never have zero magnetism. At times, an additional annealing [...]

Steel Price in 2017 year

Information transferred from the website MARKET REALIST. Title: Why Stable Chinese Steel Prices Could Support US Steel Pricing By Mark O’Hara Dec 1, 2017 Chinese steel prices However, Chinese steel prices have been strong this year. According to Antaike, average hot-rolled coil prices in China are currently in the ballpark of 4,200 yuan (~$636) per metric ton. Prices have risen more than 10.0% this year. Notably, Chinese steel prices have risen almost 40.0% from their April lows. Looking at November, we see that Chinese [...]

What is the difference between Natural Rubber Tarp Strap and EPDM Rubber Tarp Strap?

Here in the Midwest- like most of the country- we’ve had some extreme temperatures this summer. While we all know hot temps can be dangerous if you’re outside for a long time, it’s also important to remember your outdoor equipment is taking a beating in the heat and sunlight as well. One type of equipment that can be purchased specifically for temperature and climate conditions is tarp straps. Did you know there’s difference between EPDM tarp straps and natural rubber [...]

About Lashing Chains

We supply lashing chains in G10 and G8 quality. The G10 range is the most popular since the capacity of the chain is closer to the capacity of the load binder. Today the capacity of lashing equipment is the same as the breaking strength in Norway and Sweden. When we use the term “capacity” in the text we are talking about “breaking strength”. All our lashing equipment are marked LC (lashing capacity) as well according to the EN 12195. The [...]

Reviews from YANFEI customers

Reviews from our partners: – Yes, i have received the products, thanks a lot, it’s very good !!! – Thank you very much for your helpful service. – thank you, happy to place an order , and start a good relationship. – Once again thank you for your help and all going well we look forward to doing future business with YANFEI. – They are great. Thank you for your great products and services. -We receive goods. It looks fine. When I have new needs [...]

More About Turnbuckles

Turnbuckle Hardware & Turnbuckle Assemblies Turnbuckles are constructed with a long sleeve with internal screw threads that accept a variety of fittings used to pull anchor points closer together or push them apart by turning the turnbuckle body. Turnbuckles can be manufactured in galvanized hardware or stainless hardware for rigging supplies and marine hardware. We carry a full line of turnbuckle hardware including jaw jaw, eye eye, hook hook, eye jaw, and hook eye in various sizes from small turn [...]

How to Choose a Lifting Sling?

How to choose the webbing material for lifting slings? The first step in choosing an appropriate web sling is to determine what material you need the sling to be made of. There are several different lifting slings to choose from including nylon slings,polyester slings,wire rope slings,and chain slings By looking at the properties of a lifting sling, it will help you determine what kind of sling to purchase. Nylon slings are strong and relatively inexpensive which makes them a very [...]

Steel Wire Rope – Warnings

Wire Rope Warning GENERAL INFORMATION ON WIRE ROPE The three basic components of a typical wire rope. (Fiber core is shown.) COMPONENTS: Wire rope consists of three basic components. 1. Wires. 2. Strands, formed by wires, laid helically around a core. 3. Core, or center. MATERIAL: Steel grades in wide use today are IPS (improved plow steel), EIPS (extra improved plow steel), sometimes also referred to as XIPS, XIP, or EIP, as well as EEIPS (extra, extra improved plow steel.) CORE: Its function is to provide proper support for the [...]

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