How to select the right shackle is very important.

  The bow shackle is suitable for connection to multiple components, while the chain shackle is most suitable for connection of only two components. If you choose incorrectly, you would end up with serious injuries or damages. Knowing about different types of shackles and their uses will help you choose a suitable one.   Before you use a shackle, you must make sure that: 1.Always factor in the working load limit of a shackle before using it. 2.Make sure to inspect the shackles along with all [...]

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Hey, this is sunny, I have been working in Qingdao Yanfei Rigging since graduated from university. It has been more than 10 years. Yanfei Rigging is a big loving family, here we can get along like family and grow together. Through many years of development,yanfei rigging have experienced professionals,who can solve various industry problems for customers.Sure,our experience has been built through research, development and customer requirements. This continues to be our valued process for ongoing improvement in all aspects of our [...]

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We have more than 5 factories , 280 workers , more than 7 production lines , 5 engineers and 7 Quality Control make sure high quality and high production capacity . Establish in Qingdao , have a good cooperation with Europe, America, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia… etc.Good package has been got the highly appreciate from my EU client.   wrote by Karina Yang. Contact with me: [email protected]

What are the main types of shackles ?

Shackles are critical for different types of industrial lifting and rigging applications.They provide you with safety and efficiency when handling heavy loads. There are various shackle types,and here we will focus on the most commonly used Chain Shackle(also called D Shackle), Anchor Shackle (also called Bow Shackle)   What are chain shackles and how are they used ? Chain shackles sometimes called D shackles due to their D shape body, it is narrower than the anchor or bow shackles.They are designed for in-line tension only. In other [...]

Stainless Steel Danforth Anchor

Stainless Steel Danforth Anchor Easy to install and use: Marine brass is extremely easy to install, marine grade stainless steel shackle it can be easily installed and replaced with a matching screw driver for a direct bolt mount. High quality fabrics: Marine grade mirror polished, super smooth and high quality material that is resistant to rust. Marine life door bolt adopts high quality material, not easy to be damaged and durable. Corrosion resistant: Marine grade stainless steel, good corrosion resistant in salt [...]

Polyester Products – Ratchet Strap, Webbing Sling, Round Sling

Raw Materials We select the best raw materials of high tenacity-industrial polyester yarns and hardware for productions. Quality Control Commitment Our engineers go through stringent quality inspections during all the procedures of the manufacturing to ensure exceptional quality and confidence in our products. Our in-house quality control equipment ensures a level of quality that leaves our customers delighted with their decision to do business with us.   Main Advantages: Can be single ply or double ply, sawing method is different The specification can be [...]

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