Stainless Steel Snap Hook With Nut DIN5299D

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Stainless Steel Snap Hook With Nut DIN5299D聽– AISI 304/ AISI 316 – Qingdao Yanfei Rigging Supplier

1. Material: Stainless steel 316 or stainless steel 304 or Aluminium. Alloy steel

2. Surface finish: highly polished or hot dip galvanized or electro galvanized

3. Customer design: our experienced engineer team can聽developed the products and聽manufacture in accordance with samples, drawings or only ideas

4. Type:Stainless Steel Snap Hook With Eyelet,Stainless Steel DIN 5299C,Stainless Steel Pear Shaped Snap Hook,Spring Hook, Snap Hook,Carbine Hook With Screw and Eye,Carbine Hook With Eye,and so on.

5. Packing: clean poly bags plus cartons plus pallets

Art聽No. Size D L B C
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
SSDIN01 4脳40 4 40 7 6=7
SSDIN02 5脳50 5 50 8 7
SSDIN03 6脳60 6 60 9 8
SSDIN04 7脳70 7 70 10.5 8
SSDIN05 8脳80 8 80 12 9
SSDIN06 9脳90 9 90 12 10
SSDIN07 10脳100 10 100 15 12
SSDIN08 11脳120 11 120 18 16
SSDIN09 12脳140 12 140 20 19
SSDIN10 13脳160 13 160 22 25
SSDIN11 14脳180 14 180 22 35

Our main products include:
1. Stainless steel rigging hardware: Rigging Screw (closed body turnbuckle), Open Body Turnbuckle,
Thread Terminal (swage stud terminal), Eye Terminal, Welded and Machined Fork Terminal, Lag Screw Terminal,
Shackle, Snap Hook, Spring Hook, U Bolt, Eye Bolt (DIN580, DIN582, JIS1168, JIS1169,USType)
Wire Rope Clips (DIN741,US Type, Wire Net Clips, Adjustable Wire Clips, Wire Stopper), Copper ferrule and aluminum ferrule ETC.
2. Stainless steel marine hardware:Anchor, Cleat, Deck Hardware,Bollard, Chock, Pipe Fitting.
3. Stainless steel and steel wire rope: 1脳7,1脳19,7脳7,7脳19 and with PVC coated. Surface:self color or galvanized or HDG.
4. Stainless steel and steel chain: DIN763,DIN766,DIN5685, ASTM, NACM, Anchor Chain.Self color or galvanized or HDG.

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