Steel Wire Rope

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Wire Rope Yanfei Rigging Supplier


1) Steel wire rope




Construction Diameter (mm) Tensile Strength

Electric galvanized,

Hot dipped galvanized,

Stainless steel AISI304/316,

PVC or PE coated,

1×7 0.6–14  1270N/mm2–1960N/mm2
1×19 1.0–8.0
1×12 1.0–8.0
7×7 (6×7+IWRC) 1.0–20
6×19+IWRC 3.0–56
6x19W/S+IWRC 6.0–38
6×37+IWRC 6.0–64
6×19/25Fi+IWRC 6.0–44
8x19S/W+IWRC 8.0–16
8x19S+IWRC 8.0–16
6x36WS+IWRC 8.0–56
19×7 4.0–28
6×19+FC 3.0–56
6x19W/S+FC 6.0–36
6×37+FC 6.0–64
6x19Fi+FC 6.0–44
8x19S/W+FC 8.0–16
8x19S+FC 6.0–16
6x36WS+FC 8.0–56
6×24+7FC 6.0–56
6×12+7FC 3.0–32
18×7+FC 4.0–28


Standard: GB, DIN, AISI, ISO, JIS, BS, ASTM, etc.

Packing: in wooden reels, plastic reel, soft coils, cartons, wooden case, blister, etc.

Mill Test Certificate original from factory is available.

Clients’ brand, labels or unique package is available.


Note: Before shipping, we can accept the test by third party, like BV, SGS, etc. to ensure products meet the clients’ requirement.

2) Steel wire rope fittings:

Steel wire rope clip,

Steel wire rope thimble,

Steel wire rope sleeve & ferrules


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